Students challenge project(Sichuan-Kham) - 15days (14days and 13nights in China)

Day 1: Setting Off

Day 2: Chengdu (Hostel) - Arrive in Chengdu, transferred to hostel. City tour will be arranged if there's enough time

Day 3: Chengdu/ Leshan / Mt.Emei (Temple/Hostel) - Drive from Chengdu to Leshan to visit the Giant Buddha. Then head to Mt.Emei and visit the Baoguo Temple in the mountain foot. Stay overnight in the temple or the hostel.

Day 4: Mt. Emei (Temple) - Climb the mountain in the morning and arrive the Xianfeng Temple. About 6-7 hours mountaineering.

Day 5: Mt. Emei (Temple) - Keep on climbing and about 6-7 hours arrive the Golden summit.

Day 6: Mt. Emei-Kangding, 2616 M (Hostel) - See the sunrise in Mt.Emei. Cable car and Local travel bus down the mountain. Drive to Kangding (6-7 hours)

Day 7: Kangding-Tagong (Hostel) - Visit Kangding, turn over the Zheduo Pass (4290m) and head to Tagong

Day 8: Tagong, 3780m (Hostel) - A whole day in Tagong to do the volunteer project.

Day 9: Tagong/ Danba, 1800m (Village) - Head to Danba, via Bamei, which can visit the Huiyuan Temple. Visit Ancient Forts in Suopo when arrive Danba. Stay overnight in Jiaju Tibetan village.

Day 10: Danba (Village) - A whole day volunteer project in Danba.

Day 11: Danba-Rilong, 3200m (Hostel) - Leave Danba in the morning and head to Rilong (Mt. Foursister)

Day 12: Rilong( Mt. Foursisiter)-Baoxing-Ya'an (Hostel) - Visit Shuangqiao valley in Mt.Foursister by the local travel bus. After lunch, head to Ya'an pass the Jiajinshan Pass(4124m), via Baoxing. Stay overnight in Ya'an.

Day 13: Ya'an( Wolong panda club), (Hostel) - A whole day volunteer project under the help of Wolong Panda club.

Day 14: Ya'an-Shangli-Chengdu, (Hostel) - Visit Shangli Ancient town, Pingle Ancient town, Stay overnight in Chhengdu.

Day 15: Chengdu/ Exit - Transferred to airport.


  • Transport - By minibus
  • Accommodation - Suitable hostels or the proper hotel Mt.Emei: Temples
  • Tour guide - We could arrange the guide according to the client's language requirement.
  • Meals - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.


  • Domestic and international air tickets.
  • Tips
  • Drinks